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In order to deliver on its commitment to improve the retirement outcomes of all South Africans, Leon Bart recognises that he has to go beyond merely providing leading retirement products. These products need to also be supported by appropriate advice, education and communication – not just for the members themselves, but also for employers, trustees and all stakeholders in the country’s retirement industry.


Leon Bart’s offering is based on our recognition that employers and trustees who are armed with the right knowledge and insights, are best equipped to partner with their employees and fund members to help them create the futures they deserve.

To achieve this, he engineered a full suite of client- and fund-focused, but member-centric, consulting services that deliver a host of compelling benefits.

  • Trustees and Management Boards enjoy the confidence that they are equipped and enabled to confidently fulfill their fiduciary duties
  • Members have the security that they are exposed to optimal investment strategies designed to meet their unique retirement saving needs.
  • Employers know they are dealing with senior, highly experienced consultants backed by the extensive infrastructure, financial strength, capabilities and reputation of one of SA’s most respected financial services brands.

Leon Bart’s advice philosophy is built on the cornerstones of extensive industry experience, solid business insights, and a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of retirement fund members – all of which is underpinned by ongoing research, international best practice and appropriate member education and assistance.


Including umbrella and standalone fund management consulting.

Leon Bart is committed to partnering with employers and trustees to equip and enable them to help their fund members achieve their desired retirement outcomes. To this end, Leon Bart offers customised fund and benefit consulting, coordination and support. 

In addition to meeting the needs of employers, trustees, management committees and fund members, our consulting offering incorporates a strong element of member education. Our suite of benefit and fund management consulting services includes:

  • General advice on fund management, structuring and benefit design
  • Risk benefit consulting
  • Governance and compliance
  • Legal and secretarial services
  • Service provider management and benchmarking
  • Section 37C death claims solutions and support
  • Support for section 197 transfers
  • Industry updates and trustee and management committee training

The Risk Benefit Market Testing service is offered as a standalone annual re-broke service or a full service offering and is aimed at ensuring that fund members are receiving the risk benefits they are promised at competitive costs.


Including Investment Consulting and Targeted Retirement Outcomes

Leon Bart offers employers, trustees and management boards a dedicated investment consulting service underpinned by skills and resources to help them develop and deliver optimal investment strategies. With the primary aim being to give fund members the best possible chance of achieving their long-term financial objectives, the investment consulting services are tailored to the specific situation and requirements of your business or fund.

The Investment Consulting offering is designed to meet the needs of larger organisations or funds with the governance budget to determine their own investment strategy. The range of services includes:

  • Training on investments and ad hoc investment-related issues
  • Advice on investment philosophy, strategy and asset manager selection and appointment
  • Formulation of investment policy statements
  • Quantitative and qualitative performance reporting and risk management

Targeted Retirement Outcomes is an end-to-end solution that empowers decision makers from funds and companies of all sizes to implement an appropriate investment strategy that gives members the best chance of retiring comfortably. The process involves:

  • Analysis and planning – A full analysis of the fund and its membership that identifies any gaps in the ability of members to achieve their investment goals.
  • Investment strategy and management – Partnership-based advice and guidance on the most appropriate member-focused actions as well as investment structures and options.
  • Ongoing evaluation and communication – To ensure alignment of the fund with desired member outcomes. Supported by member education and communication.


Including actuarial consulting and support

Retirement funding is a complex and highly regulated environment. To keep abreast of constantly changing rules and statutory requirements, and comply with the ongoing changes to Pension Funds and Income Tax Acts, employers and funds need best advice and world-class support. Our Technical Consulting service is designed to support, employers, trustees and management committees in all technical aspects of the oversight, management and development of their funds.

Our specialist Actuarial Consulting and Services go far beyond the traditional production of regulatory valuations, providing valuable technical information and support to trustees and other stakeholders to help them make informed decisions. These actuarial services include:

  • Fund valuations and interest declarations
  • Establishment and conversions of funds
  • Benefit, surplus and replacement ratio calculations
  • Employer liability valuations
  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • Section 14 transfers
  • Pension increases and outsourcing

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