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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Does your Life insurance Plan cover for the COVID-19 Pandemic? Allow me to assist you in ensuring that you are protected in the right areas of your risk planning.



Living under lockdown is a new experience for South Africa and other countries struggling to contain COVID-19. As we adapt to this new reality, it is important to actively manage some of the financial stresses that the lockdown presents.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

A study has shown that only 6% of South Africans can RETIRE comfortably – surely my question is: what’s happening to the rest – dependent on their family, social grants, government? Secure your future financially with Leon Bart

Save Tax-free

Save Tax-free

Tax free investments give you flexibility on how much you want to save monthly, and the option to withdraw your money at any time. Leon Bart offers a TFSA which is flexible to meet your investment goals, ranging from fixed interest to high equity funds.



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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Discover how to afford and plan for retirement: how to save money tax efficiently in South Africa.

Investment Planning

Investment Planning

Income or preserve capital. Leon Bart is able to put a strategy in place to meet your short, medium and long-term savings and investment goals for a specific need.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Make sure you leave your family financially secure. Choose cover options to suit your life insurance needs or get a life insurance quote.

Short Term Insurance

Short Term Insurance

Partner with Leon Bart today and let his history of excellence become your future of financial security.

Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover

Taking out funeral cover provides your family with the peace of mind that the expenses can be covered should anything happen. You have a choice of plans to choose from.

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Committed To Financial Excellence

I compile detailed Reports for my clients to determine their income, expenses, risk tolerance, insurance coverage, tax status and their financial objectives.

I research the market and look for quality investment opportunities that match their budget.

Our Services


Invest from

R500 – R2 750/month


Trade online wherever, whenever


Invest from R500/month


Insurance that co-pays medical bills and shortfalls


Start investing from R350/month


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Personal Financial Solutions

Leon Bart offers investment products, life and disability cover, funeral plans, short term insurance, financial advice and loans. He also offer business-to-business solutions, such as asset management and employee benefits.

Saving & Investing

For the future or for something special


Saving for your children’s education


Securing your future financially

Life Insurance

Life insurance that offers peace of mind

Funeral Cover

Covering unforeseen funeral costs


Personalised disability & severe illness cover


We are extremely happy with our client experience and service excellence as provided by you since inception approximately seven months ago. We look forward to the growth in this relationship and appreciate all the guidance and assistance thus far.

Bradley & Gillian Lang


He stood by his appointments. I could phone him with any queries. He listens and he advises.

I am at this stage where I can tell people I have a trusted financial advisor.

Thank you Leon.

Desiree Du Plessis


I required a vibrant, energetic, open minded, honest intelligent person with finance management knowledge. That is the qualities I seeked which I found in Mr Leon Bart.

Rachel Munnik


Satisfactory Service Delivery

Leon Bart provides investment, savings, life assurance, asset management, banking and property and personal insurance solutions in Cape Town. His client base comprises of individuals, businesses, corporates and institutions.

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