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Leon Bart offers a broad spectrum of financial solutions to individuals, retail and corporate customers across local and international markets.

About Leon Bart

My responsibility as a Financial Advisor is to offer my services related to financial product solutions such as Retirement and Pension Funds, Medium to Long-term Investments, Life insurance to my clients and help them to understand and reach their goals and dreams through their Life Journey.

I compile detailed Reports for my clients to determine their income, expenses, risk tolerance, insurance coverage, tax status, and financial objectives. I research the market and look for quality investment opportunities that match their budget. I then discuss the opportunities and risks related to the particular investment with them. I provide up to date information to my clients regarding the current industry trends and forecast the future market value of the asset in which they are willing to invest.

I recommend strategies that my clients can use in achieving their financial goals and objectives. I help my clients open accounts for specific trade purposes and I regularly Review their plans to track changes in their financial status. I also monitor economic trends to assess their impact on my clients’ plans. I answer all Risk and Investment related questions for clients verbally and telephonically as well as providing them with written documents for future reference.

My clients look at my relationship with them as a partnership, walking with them through their financial journey. I treat our relationship as if I am their financial life coach and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

About Leon Bart

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