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With a wide range of savings plans and insurance cover options for individuals.


With a wide range of savings plans and insurance cover options for individuals, Leon Bart offers South Africa’s leading financial solutions, backed by over years of wisdom, bringing you personal financial plans to suit your budget and financial goals.

Take a closer look at the personal solutions Leon Bart offers:

Life Insurance

Make sure you leave your family financially secure. Choose cover options to suit your life insurance needs or get a life insurance quote.

Short-term Insurance

Partner with Leon Bart today and let his history of excellence become your future of financial security.

Retirement Planning

Discover how to afford and plan for retirement: how to save money tax efficiently in South Africa.

Funeral Cover

Taking out funeral cover provides your family with the peace of mind that the expenses can be covered should anything happen. You have a choice of plans to choose from.

Wills & Trusts

Planning is key to winding up your estate quickly with up-to-date wills and trust funds.

Save for Education

Invest in a child education plan. Leon Bart offers education planning with our saving plan options to get you started.

Save Tax-free

Saving money is key to achieving your goals whether saving for a new car, a trip overseas or a deposit on a home. Compare investment solutions to start growing your money.

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